How to Make your OA Repository Works Really Well

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This article outline the checklist for making Open Access(OA) Repository works efficiently.
One of the EIFL Open Access Programme goals is to enhance open access (OA) repositories in EIFL partner countries. This means ensuring that they work well together with other systems and platforms, and include new repository functionalities that make repositories more user-friendly and enable easier sharing of research outputs. We have therefore created this checklist of tips for improving OA repositories that are built with DSpace software. This is a living document that we update periodically. It started with tips drawn from a series of seven webinars organized by EIFL with invited experts from the Instituteof Development Studies (IDS, United Kingdom) and Stellenbosch University (South Africa), fromJanuary to May 2016. The experts, Nason Bimbe (IDS) and Hilton Gibson (StellenboschUniversity), shared suggestions and good practices in setting up and running OA repositoriesusing DSpace free and open source software, which is the most commonly used repository software in EIFL partner countries. This is the fourth revision of the checklist.