Ethics and Records Management Practices in Zanzibar Public Institutions

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The Institute of Public Administration


Record Management System in Zanzibar encompasses a multitude of disciplines including forms, reports, correspondence, directives, mail, files and copying, retention scheduling, vital records protection, archival preservation and ultimate disposal. It also incorporates the policies, systems and professional management techniques, systematically applied to the control of recorded information to enhance an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness, while at the same time consolidating its evidential base. They enable public officers to render effective and efficient services to the public. Governments use records for a wide range of purposes such as conforming or reviewing policies and procedures, confirming the work of employees, confirming pensions and proving citizens’ rights and enhancing transparency and accountability as confirmed.However, all of these have recently been affected tremendously as they are worked in the desert of despise. Majority of public servants in Zanzibar have been shouting against their information lose, contempt and ignored. In all levels of government authority, records witnessed to be faced by challenges which if not countered, will endanger individual and institutions’ security and finally affect performance.