Capacity Needs Assessment Required by Public Relations Offices in Zanzibar Public Sectors

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The Institute of Public Administration


This study sought to explore Public Relations capacity required by Public sectors in Zanzibar. This study employed survey and cross-sectional designs seeking to collect information from a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. The quantitative approach was used for lower and middle level officers in public sector, while qualitative approach was used as supplementary method for top level officers. This provided a better assessment on the capacity needs required by public relation offices in Zanzibar public sectors. The research instruments used were questionnaire and the drop and pick method was used to collect data. Interviews were also conducted to acquire information from key informants within the government institutions.The total number of respondents was 413 (100%). Only 334 questionnaires were returned which accounted for 80.8% return rate. The reasons for this response rate was attributed to some of the respondents who were issued with the questionnaires and failed to return them on time and others were not well filled, while other few did not respond at all