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Abstract—Failure in recruitment is the failure of employment industry as recruitment is the first part of filling job vacancy process. Recruiting the right people to fill the right job vacancy has been a crucial incident in any organization as recruitment has important implications for organizational performance. It is in this line therefore this paper attempts to analyze the initiatives, practices and performance of recruitment practices and explore challenges hindering appropriate performance of recruitment practices in Zanzibar public service. The methodology adopted by this study was ‘Internet Search’, document review and interpretive paradigm. The study found that, for the government to be the main employer in Zanzibar raise stakeholder’s concerns over the likelihood of recruitment that being poorly practised. However, to have fundamental and sound recruitment practices in public service arena, transparency and openness is inventible. All institutions which are responsible with implementation of recruitment practices whether by following rules, regulations or directives, need to have best recruitment practices in the country as they are identified as role models under recruitment practical atmosphere in Tanzania especially in Zanzibar public service.