The Effectiveness of Management of Alternative Livelihood Options For Local Communities Adjacent to Jozani Chwaka Bay Biosphere Reserve

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This research is to evaluate the effectiveness of the management of alternative livelihood options established to support the well-being of the forest dependent communities around protected areas in Zanzibar.
“Alternative livelihood” projects have long been used as a strategy for reducing local community threats toward species, habitats and forest ecosystem in forest protected areas. The research purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of managing alternative livelihood options to the local community living around Jozani Chwaka Bay Biosphere Reserve in Chwaka, Pete, Kitogani, Ukongoroni and Charawe. The assessment was done by evaluating context, appropriateness, so as to find the deliveries of alternative livelihood options management in the reserve using descriptive cross-sectional study design where by data was collected using interviewer administered questionnaire. The delivery of alternative livelihood options obtained in this study were intermediate reduction of forest resources consumption (38%), 25-50% contribution of alternative livelihood options to the conservation and maintenance of the reserve (51%), 25-50% contribution of alternative livelihood options on the reduction of threats facing the reserve, (51%), maintain (42%) and improve (32%) socioeconomic and cultural situation of local communities adjacent to the reserve and reach 1-25% (50%) and 26-50% (36%) achievements of alternative livelihood options objectives. Alternative livelihood options are most important projects in conservation to stop the local communities from dependence on the forest for their daily livelihoods also to have positive attitude on conservation as well as to grow their income simultaneously. To archive effective livelihood options the study recommends for the government to improve the infrastructure and other social service to the local community, Department of Forests and Non-renewable Resources should suggests the suitable alternative livelihood options to the particular local community and consider the culture and norm of the particular local community.
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Jozani-Chwaka Bay Biosphere Reserve, Alternative livelihood options, Local community